Steve Carlson Pulls Off Another Win At La Crosse For Father’s Day

Steve Carlson Pulls Off Another Win At La Crosse For Father’s Day

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By:Aspen Andre

(West Salem, WI – June 18, 2016) –   It was another hot night at the LaCrosse Speedway tonight for Old Dutch Foods Night. The racing action was just as hot on the track as we had some great races to watch.

Steve Carlson got a nice Father’s Daygift when he won the NASCAR Late Model feature tonight at La Crosse Speedway over his son Mike. He started out 7th in the field and by lap 12took the lead and remained there until the checkered dropped. We saw Mike Carlson and Adam Degenhardt bring us across the line 2nd and 3rdrespectively in laps 15 through 25.

The Dean’s Satellite Sportsmen feature showed us four cautions, three of which were all in lap seven. After Brad Warthan finally brought us back to green flag racing he stayed in the lead until the checkered flew. Justin Mullikin, Randy Humfeld, Nick Clements, and Steve Bachman rounded out our top five for the night.

Jacinda Pfaff ran across the finish line first tonight in the Auto Value Thunderstox race where she fought off Andy Moore who was right behind her for the last 8 laps of the feature. Jacinda was greeted by her father, former Late Model Track Champion, Shawn Pfaff to add to the Father’s Day weekend excitement.

Mark Bornitz crossed the finish line first in our ANTS Complete Pest Control Hornet Feature tonight with Patrick Thicke right on his tail.

Pastor Andy, the La Crosse Speedway Track Pastor, won our first Faster Pastor race of the night and we saw Donald Bomstad, from Berean Baptist Church in Galesville, take home the win in our 2ndFaster Pastor race.

Our next event at the La Crosse Speedway is Saturday, June 25th for Pischke Motors Autograph Night where the first 500 fans get FREE collector’s racing poster and there will bean on track autograph session at 6:30 p.m.

For more information please call the Speedway office at (608) 786-1525 or visit

LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway is a proud NASCAR Hometrack, part of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series –


KwikTrip NASCAR Late Models

OldDutch 25 Feature #1 (13 Cars) — 1. Steve Carlson, West Salem 2. MikeCarlson, West Salem 3. Adam Degenhardt, Coon Valley 4. Jerimy Wagner, Onalaska5. Matthew Henderson, La Crosse 6. Cam Dezelske, La Crosse 7. Jesse Pokszyk,Adams Friendship 8. Carter Christenson, West Salem 9. Justin Zymewski, Houston,MN 10. Rob Christen, Melrose 11. Jonathan Eckelberg, West Salem 12. Jeff Pataska,La Crosse 13. Jimmy Summerfield, Rockland

Qualifying— 1. Mike Carlson, 19.944 sec., 98.451 MPH 2. Steve Carlson,20.027 sec., 98.043 MPH 3. Jerimy Wagner, 20.214 sec., 97.136 MPH 4. AdamDegenhardt, 20.288 sec., 96.781 MPH 5. Matthew Henderson, 20.327 sec., 96.596MPG 6. Jesse Pokszyk 7. Cam Dezelske 8. Carter Christenson 9. Justin Zymewski10. Rob Christen 11. Jeff Pataska 12. Jimmy Summerfield 13. Jonathan Eckelberg

Heat1 — 1. Carter Christenson 2. Cam Dezelske 3. Justin Zymewski 4.Rob Christen 5. Jonathan Eckelberg

FastDash — 1. Matthew Henderson 2. Adam Degenhardt 3. Steve Carlson 4.Mike Carlson 5. Jerimy Wagner

 Dean’s Satellite Sportsmen

OldDutch 15 Feature (16 Cars) — 1. Brad Warth, Sparta 2. JustinMullikin, Holmen 3. Randy Humfeld, Chaseburg 4. Nick Clements, West Salem 5.Steve Bachman, West Salem 6. Brian Hesselberg, West Salem 7. Jeff Thompson, LaCrosse 8. Jason Stark, Leon 9. Bill Martin, Madison 10. Mark Challet, La Crosse11. Andy Buhrow, Sparta 12. Sam Niles, Holmen 13. Mandi Eckelberg, West Salem14. John Radtke, La Crosse 15. Travis Gordon, Mindoro 16. Jamie Dummer, Tomah

Qualifying— 1. Nick Clements, 21.506 sec., 91.3000 MPH 2. Brad Warthan,21.621 sec., 90.814 MPH 3. Steve Bachman, 21.631 sec., 90.773 MPH 4. BrianHesselberg, 21.697 sec., 90.496 MPH 5. Randy Humfeld, 21.808 sec., 90.036 MPH6. Justin Mullikin 7. Jeff Thompson 8. Jason Stark 9. Sam Niles 10. Bill Martin11. Jamie Dummer 12. Mark Challet 13. Andy Buhrow 14. Mandi Eckelberg 15.Travis Gordon 16. John Radtke

Heat  1 —  1.Jeff Thompson 2. Bill Martin 3. Jason Stark 4. Sam Niles 5. Jamie Dummer

Dash— 1. Randy Humfeld 2. Steve Bachman 3. Nick Clements 4.Justin Mullikin 5. Brad Warthan

 AutoValue Thunderstox

OldDutch 15 Feature (12 cars) — 1. Jacinda Pfaff, Sparta 2. Andy Moore,Sparta 3. Kyle Lockington, La Crosse 4. Scott Mahlum, La Crosse 5. JasonBolster, Sparta 6. Bill Schott, La Crosse 7. Paul Mahlum III, Holmen 8. Kayla Lockington, Mindoro 9. Jason Schaller, La Crosse 10. Melissa Rusch, La Crosse11. Christopher Christen, Holmen 12. Mark Challet, La Crosse

Dash —  1.Andy Moore 2. Jacinda Pfaff 3. Jason Schaller 4. Paul Mahlum III

Heat1 — 1. Jacinda Pfaff 2. Andy Moore 3. Scott Mahlum 4. Kyle Lockington 5. Melissa Rusch

Heat2 — 1. Jason Schaller 2. Paul Mahlum III 3. Jason Bolster 4.Kayla Lockington 5. Mark Challet

 ANTS Complete Pest Control Hornets

Old Dutch 15 Feature (20 cars) — 1. Mark Bornitz, Holmen 2. Patrick Thicke, West Salem 3. Jake Schomers, La Crescent, MN 4. Garrett Thicke, West Salem 5. Kris Berg, Ettrick 6. Jordan Young, Melrose 7. Joey Johnson, NorthBend 8. Brandon LeMoine, West Salem 9. Kyle Swenson, Sparta 10. Kyle Ritter, La Crosse 11. Ryan Shafer, Sparta 12. Jimmy Bjorkman, West Salem 13. Kayla Vian,Sparta 14. Charles Vian Jr., Sparta 15. John Piotrowski, Black River Falls 16.Jackie Finch, Neilsville 17. Jay Raines, La Crosse 18. Ben Thurk, La Crosse 19.Cheyanne Stanfield, Sparta 20. Jeffrey Von Ruden, Norwalk

Semi-Feature— 1. Jimmy Bjorkman 2. Jackie Finch 3. Ben Thurk 4. Jay Raines5. Jeffrey Von Ruden

Heat1 — 1. Brandon Lemoine 2. Kris Berg 3. Charles Vian Jr. 4. Joey Johnson 5. Cheyanne Stanfield

Heat2 — 1. Patrick Thicke 2. Ryan Shafer 3. Garrett Thicke 4. Kyle Swenson 5. Jake Schomers

Heat3 — 1. Mark Bornitz 2. Kyle Ritter 3. Jordan Young 4. Kayla Vian5. John Piotrowski